5 Little Known Uses For Coconut Oil As A Beauty Product

For the past few decades doctors ruled out coconut oil as an unhealthy product due to the fact it is mostly composed of the “unhealthy fat”, saturated fat. Later they would go on to find out that there are multiple types of saturated fat, and that coconut oil just happens to be the type of saturated fat that is great for your body. Before the media’s attack on coconut oil, it had been used for thousands of years as a beauty and makeup product. Here are 5 ways that you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine.
1. Deep Hair Conditioner
Melt a tablespoon or more of conditioner in your hand. If you have chin-length or less of hair, a single tablespoon should due. If you have long, thick hair you may need up to two tablespoons.
Apply the coconut oil from the tip to the root of the hair. Allow the coconut oil to sit anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour in your hair. Shampoo and thoroughly rinse out in the shower. You’ll have no need to do a conditioner after the shampoo due to how powerful this deep conditioning treatment is unless you have exceptionally dry and brittle hair.

2. Eye Makeup Remover
Eye makeup is tough to get off, but it is also around one of the most delicate places on our face. The skin around the eyes is the first to be damaged and wrinkled without careful treatment. Coconut oil provides a natural and moisturizing makeup remover that truly can get off the toughest mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. All you do is use about a ½ tablespoon on each eye lid. Use a cloth or your hands to wipe off the makeup, rinsing as you go. You’ll be surprised how quickly this tough makeup disappears off your face. As a bonus, your skin will be baby soft afterwards.
3. Makeup Remover
Coconut oil doesn’t only work on the eyes, it can be used to remove any makeup. For removing less tough foundations, blushes, lipstick, etc. just use a ½ tablespoon of coconut oil to remove all of the makeup off of your face. Rinse repeatedly to remove all of the makeup off.
4. Static-Be-Gone
Does your hair frequently look like you just stuck your finger in an electric socket? Then coconut oil is the perfect solution. It provides a lightweight weight to your hair, so that the strands get down and stay down. Just take a tiny bit of coconut oil and rub it in your hands then run your hands over your hair. You’ll be amazed how quickly this static cure goes into effect.
5. Lip Balm
Lip balms and chap sticks that you buy from the store ca be extremely addicting. The chemicals and other additives make your lip dry, so that you form a dependency on the product. You can avoid this addiction by using just a dab of coconut oil on your lips. As a bonus, it tastes and smells delicious as well!