How To Find The Perfect Mascara

A good bottle of mascara can do wonders for your makeup routine. As an essential in the makeup bags of many, finding the perfect mascara isn’t always easy. With so many brands and types to choose from it can often be overwhelming trying to find the right one for your goals. There are mascaras that are meant to thicken, lengthen and add volume to your lashes, with each specific type having their own special kind of formula. And let’s not get started on all the types of brushes, including plastic, bristle, curved, straight and so much more! Here’s how to find the perfect Mascara:

Formula and Brush Equally Matter

Know that both the formula and brush of mascaras should matter when deciding which one to buy. Both the brush and the formula impact each other so that each lash is affected. Right now there are two types of wands on the market these days: modern molded brushes and traditional bristle brushes. It’s recommended that you try both to see which one delivers the best results.

Brush Shape

Depending on the type of mascara you’re buying, each one will have a different brush shape. Lengthening brushes are usually straight and narrow, while those that claim to curl have curved brushes. If you want volume, buy mascara with denser bristles.


No matter what type of mascara you get, it’s really all about its application. You’ll want to curl the lashes really well with a curling wand and then apply the mascara going from the roots to the top of the lashes and moving the wand side to side while you’re moving upwards. To get an even application, dip the wand in the mascara bottle before moving on to the second eye. Make sure the first coat dries before reapplying. Don’t forget about the bottom lashes since this will make your eyes look bigger. Just make sure that you use a light touch so that you don’t use too much mascara on the bottom lashes, or use a bottom lash-only mascara that has a smaller wand.